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6 Things I Can't live Without

I'm super excited for this and well, here we go!

1. My computer. Its not exactly mine, but i do do a lot of researching for DIYS or blog stuff on it and its definetly something i could not live without.

2. My journals (all 90 of 'em). I keep lists and blog post ideas and basically everything.

3. Pintrest. Enough said.

4. My creative juices. This is really weird, but its probably true!

5. My ukulele. It calms me down and is a really cool instrament.

6. My spotify account. I listen to music sooo much and i love pretty much all music except country.

See you! I'm going to Illinois in the morning, so i won't post for about 5 days. Bye!💛🍉🐳🐨🐘

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