Bye Kitty:(

Today we had to return Simba. I may or may not have shed tears.... He missed his siblings a TON and it just felt wrong keeping him. He wanted sibling back!!! He is probably sooo excited. Anyway, we went to Youngs Dairy for ice cream (black cherry sorbet😻) and to see the James and Bren and Hannah. It was a blast although, I do wish BFFEALTE was there. She's in Colorado and i'm so excited for her to zipline. It looks so much fun!! i have been on Nitro Type a lot and its kind of halrious. I would talk to this girl and were virtual best friends and then I found out shes going into 11th grade! I'm only in 6th. I'm on my front porch swing and listening to Cheep Thrills on amazon music. In my comfiest outfit....(Pineapple shirt with jersey shorts and messy bun) Like yesterday I thought it was soo fall and was in leggings and a maroon and white striped long sleeve T-shirt and today I was sweating!
(even pretty girls sweat 😇😂) Well I have to go. See you!! P.S does anybody thing the laptop emojis are odd???
I'm posting on the laptop. I will a lot more because you can post outside:)


  1. My mom says he might be sick and he's really small. How was he at your house?

  2. Okay. Just real meow-y. Did u see my comment on ur blog?


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