Secret life of pets.

So today i am going to go see the secret life of pets! And then work on my cookbook, and then do my daily splits,(super close!) them look at all recipes. And one thing thats pretty exiting............... SCHOOL STARTS TOMARO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, i LOVE summer, because i did ballet camp, went to Michigan, and started THIS blog. But i am kind of aching to get back to my normal ballet classes. (and math, sometimes) And since i am homeschooled, witch is like, the best schooling EVER!!!! Because i can do my math in the splits to stretch for ballet,( i am really bad at batma seqences  in fifth to the side)
Still rocken the shush-peace
We are leaving to the theatre BYE!


  1. Hope you have fun! You star tomarrow? I have been doing K12 for a few days now

  2. OH! I meant START stinking computer I thought for sure it said start

  3. Thats okay. Maybe you have been reading to much SD books!

  4. I just finished the last one, can't wait for the special edition!!!

  5. Oh. Cassie. Yeah, i am not that far. I have been REALLY busy so i mostly just read cookbooks.
    Oh, and don't you wish there were emojis on Blogger?

  6. LOL we were new at blogging then. And voila! 2017 brought emojis!


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