More Random Facts

1. Cotten candy was invented by a dentist in 1897.
2. Every day between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts whiz through the brain.
3. Atoms are 99.9999999999999 percent empty space!
4. The worlds shortest alphabet has 12 letters and the worlds longest alphabet has 74 letters.
5. Humans can smell before they are born.
6. I n China, police use GEESE to help them catch criminals.

Superstar faces.
Today I am going to keep reading the most magnificent book EVER! ( okay, i might be over reacting a little bit, no one can beat Wonder) Here it is: CASSIE COMES THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( an S.D book) Au revoir!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your on Cassie already??? I just finished Gemma

  2. Just found out there making a 13 star darlings after Gemma!!!

  3. So thats why cotton candy was actually called candy floss


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