The great british baking show (inspired)

So i have been recently re-watching: THE GREAT BRITISH BAKING SHOW! ( Johanna, this is a must see!) It has inspired me to make my own cook-book! (Directions below) I am in love with shortbread. So go to to make some really good shortbread!
It is totally the new thing. The shush peace.
Directions on how to make a super simple cookbook:
So, with mine I made some note cards with recipes and placed them in clear folder sleeves and clipped the sleeves in a binder.
                 :) AND ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT:)


  1. Iv'e been writing a cookbook too! I was actualy going to mention it in my next post!

  2. Well I print them from my Mom's computer I did not bring it to Florida cause we don't have a printer so I kinda forget.

  3. Oh. I have been craving shortbread so i have a couple recipes of that


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