3 good ideas to do during the school year

So, these ideas and tips might come in handy a little more if you are homeschooled. ( i am and i LOVE it. People say that homeschoolers get higher test scores! Boo- Ya!)
That was us in the car yesterday.
1.( i would recommend starting now) Go to any store, really, and buy some really pretty thick-ish yarn, a loom, and a pick. You-Tube or ask someone you know to teach you how to knit a scarf. ( this also makes a really good christmas gift)
2.If you have scrap fabric, sew something super amazing! ( comment below if you did)
3. learn a sentence of a bizarre language and use your sentence as much as possible throughout the day. I just tried greek and it is pretty hard.



  1. Wow greek?? Can't wait for our sleepover!!

  2. I could not read greek! AND, MEEE TOOO!

  3. Practice your French....learn useful sentences like, "where are the bathrooms?"

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