Science Experiment!!!!!!!!!!!

I have not been able to post that much because of  doing school. Butttttttt........ i now do this for typing! I love my blog and typing because well, i don't really know why i love them. Anyway,  the experiment:
My baby.
This is the bouncy egg experiment :
1 cup vinager (or less, i dose not really matter as long as it covers the egg)
1 egg

Pour the vinager into a large cup and drop the egg in gently. Keep the egg in the vinager for 24 hrs. ( for a more bouncy egg, leave in for 2 to 3 days.



  1. Oh! I have heard of this and always wanted to do it! Please send me a video of the result!!!!!!

  2. Btw DO NOT drop it from to high I just watched a video he dropped it from a short height it bounced and high it broke

  3. He first said don't drop it to hight or this will happen : egg exploded :

  4. BTW i just popped it with a scewer!!!


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