The Cup Song

For my Co-op i have to learn the Cup Song from Pitch Perfect. It looks sooo hard at first, but i learned it in 2 days! It is SOOO fun (although, my family would probably disagree, because i have done it a million times😂) BUUUUUTTTT i love it and you should totally You-Tube it! Here is how it goes:
A flat surface
A plastic cup. (NO GLASS)

Place you cup face-down in front of you.
Clap twice.
Hit the table (or cup) three times. 
Clap again.
Pick up the cup and move it either right back down, or to your right. (i do right, it looks cooler:)
This is the tricky part. With your right arm swing the cup around, then hit it against your palm.
Now place the cup face- side up. 
Now put it in your left hand and hit the table with the right hand. Then with the cup in your left. 
Do it two more times then sing the song!🎶🎶
I so wish Blogger would let you do a live video! 


  1. You can video yourself and you might be able to upload it. I tried it did not work but it might for you!

  2. I tried too. You can only do it if you do it on your moms phone:)

  3. I DID IT!!! I will send you a video.

  4. I saw it! But teach Georgia..... Wait. I cannot explain it. Maybe over Face-Time?


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