So i have been reading a TON of new books and i really think you guys would really like them. Here they are:
1.  Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. (I recently started reading these and i LOVE them!)
2. The Curious Kids Science Book.
3. Everest. (Gordan Kormans books are amazing!)
4. Nancy Drew (the modern version. If you get creeped out by practically anything maybe try something else)
This is a horrible pic, but this was at a surprise party for my neighbor,
and me and Parker were testing baby food. She hated it, and i practically
ate all of it. BTW we were one of the champions!!!!

I LOVE these and i hope you do too!
Last day in Flordia😞

I am sooo getting this printed for my new room. Me and Johanna
are paddle boarding at my Aunt Elise's beach house!


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