5 Disney Songs (that are awesome!)

SO a ton of people think of Disney songs like, "SOOOO LAST YEAR!" and then go keep chewing there gum really loudly or something. AND things worse like, "BABY-ISH!" so Paris Baking Ballet here to show you some awesome ones!
1. Holdin' out = Storks
2. How Far I'll go = Moana 
3. Immortals= Big hero 6
4. Set It all free= SING
5. I'm still standing= SING

1,2,3, SILLY FACE!
 Huddy: "Blog Pictures? Get me out of here!"
Me: Haha no way.


  1. Storks actually is not Disney but I am SO SO glad you included it because I LOVE that song!!

  2. ME TOO! I totally thought Storks was disney, tho.
    Wanna FaceTime?


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