Last post before CO!

I am supppperrr excited to go to Colorado for my cousins wedding! I have to wake up at 3;00 ahhhm,, A M (!!) and we leave to the airport at 3:30  A.M ...... For the last three days we've been packing, cleaning,packing,cleaning ETC. For the plane ride heres whats in my backpack:
1. 30th Cupcake diarie!! (mustering alllll my self control not to read it until tomorrow;)
2. My kindle fire + earbuds
3. Small blanket (hey, it will be 3 am i will need a blanket!!)
4. Granola bars
5.  Big league chew Cayden bought me at his b'ball game😁
6. Lip balm
Huddy walkin' on water....


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