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As most of you know, i started a new blog. I am super pumped about it. I share slime recipes, baking recipes, and crafts. I would love critisism, so please comment!!! I actually do not know how i got the name, but i am pretty simple. My slime usually include the same 3 ingredients, and there is a 50 % chance you have them at home. I actually have a new post coming, Slime Tips & Tricks. It will show you what activator to use and what not to use, how to fix hard slime, how to make slime stretchy, and the dos and donts of slime. I hope to see you there!
😣too early😴


  1. That will be the most magnificent post i will have seen in a while! I have been looking for a post like that.

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    1. BTW your gonna have to change your description to I may only be 11 soon!!! So excited!


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