Memorial Weekend

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Who's your inspiring athlete?
Mine, of course, is Misty Copland. (google her:)
Hey guys! This weekend we had my cousins over for Memorial day. We played Kan Jam (frizbee game. Oh, and never play this if you dont like injuries. My dad was my partener, and he threw one at my nose)  and had dinner. It was pretty fun. I'm counting down the days until BFFAEWAE comes back home!! Oh and heres an insanely talented girl Diana, who is on World of Dance. (My dad recorded it because you know, look at my blog title.) I love her! And shes doing Contemporary which i start in Semptember. SOO fun! Au revoir for now. I am going to ask to finally make Jam with the strawberries that we picked at my neighbors house.  Wish me bonne chance!


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