My Top 8 Favorite Cooking Shows

I love a lot of cooking shows and if you have any suggestions please comment because I am looking for some more!
This pic is in Florida when I was really little:)
1. The Kitchen
2. Ro Pansinnos you-tube show
3. Cutthroat Kitchen
4. The Great British Baking show
5.  Cupcake Wars
6. Doughnut wars (it sounds weird, but i love it)
7. The Kids Baking Championship
8. Beat Bobby Flay

You can find almost all of these shows on Netflix, You-Tube, or your TV on Food Network!!



  1. I love doughnut wars! Is it on netflix?

  2. No, i saw it at Meme"s house in FLA. When i come we should watch it, tho!


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