So today this post is about my favorite day of the week: Monday. A ton of people hate Mondays but i adore them because my I go to a homeschool school-ish thing and this is what i do:
1st period= Weapons of the bible. We make super cool weapons and talk about the weapons of the bible(this weeks weapon was a sling shot)
2nd period= Botany. We learn about flowers and things like that.
3rd period= CLAYYYY!!!! We have AMAZING teachers (no offence my other teachers, your great too) and we make awesome things out of clay. This week i made a bajillon ornaments and got to go on the potters wheel and make a cool bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We always save the best class for last.(once again, no offence)
My Mom found this craft on Pintrest. Take double stick tape
(we did masking tape) and go on a nature walk and collect things
to put on it!
Anyway, please comment on what your fave day is!
One of my favorite things about our house is
the "Back Trails" which is around 8 acres of
dozens of trails :)


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