My Crazy Week

First, we decided in 2 hours that we would go to Michigan to see my cousins and grandparents.Then yesterday was my brothers third birthday.Now, in two days is my tenth birthday,and in a week is my oldest brothers birthday . Click  here to go to  a awesome website (recommended by Johanna and i LOVE it)P.S i highly suggest a madeline pan.That was really random.But it is true! Madelines and macarons are my (new) love. I have still not ever tried madelines,or made them because you have to have a special pan to make them.(i am asking for one for my birthday)Anyway, i love looking on Amazon for them.That still was really random. 
^My twin 2 cousins and me at the Lake in Michigan:)


  1. Hope you had fun!!! how did u get those awesome pics? Did u download them?

  2. Um.... not sure.Just got them from my photos.
    And thanks! i had a lot of fun...especially with the twins!


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