Party Vibes!!!

Salut! Ça Va? Tomorrow is my infamous birthday party!!!! I have one huge surprise for all my guests, and lets just say my Two sisters are kinda amazing for being so genius and suggesting the surprise. Its not like Taylor Swift coming to sing or whatever, but its a brilliant craft. And thats all you will get out of me through a blog. If you come to my house and like, raid it or something by tomorrow, i still will not tell you. You get the idea. Anyway, i'm going to Walmart with my sister Hannah and we're getting even more things for my party. I'm stoked. I made some macaroons yesterday, and am making the filling and some mini cupcakes today.  I still have litterly no games, so i'm gonna go Pintrest for as long as I can. Au revoir!
✌ 🗻  ✈


  1. Try ' Look Up Look Down '! I played this at camp today and it was hilarious!

  2. Thanks! It was a big hit at my party! Everyone laughed so hard!


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