My birthday!

Todays my birthday! I'm still in my pjs but i don't really care cause its better than my birthday suit. (😂 ) I don't really know what were doing but i do know that we were going to go to the Greene but now its stormy. We might still go if it stops. If we do go, i'm gonna go to Books &Co, Bath &Body Works, and maybe  Old Navy or something. I'm not one to shop, but if you take me into B& C I will literly not come out unless you drag me. LOL. Anyway, I'm going to go read Storm (my birthday present from Johanna ) Bonjour!
Birthday hair dont care.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yayy!! Thanks! We went to Forever 21 and i got like, a bajilion sloth items. I even got us matching sloth socks:)


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