I actually hesitated whether should put that exlamation point at the top but i guess thats how much i love school. Not really, but i want to be like, really smart so i tell myself that i am having fun😂😂
Homeschooling actually is really hard. Most people think of it like, " Wow. Light weights." But here is why it is hard:
1. I am in fifth grade but i do almost 6 grade school books. (but i guess it makes me smart)
2. After school school. Sometimes you will go until 4:00 with your school. (only sometimes,tho)
3. Strict schedules. My "Teacher" gives my a hard schedule, and sometimes it is hard to keep up with.
And the positive side of it:
1. Off days. If we go somewhere we only have to (usually) only do math!
2. You get to listen to (instramental) music during school.
3. Homeschoolers get a lot higher test scores than public schoolers.
Bye! It is late so i have to go!


  1. Thank goodness I don't go to public school!!!!

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