So i am am totally so exited to go to ballet because i have not been in 1 1/2 months.
A ton of people think that ballet is some 2 year olds tutu party, but believe me do 2 year olds do this:
1. Do the splits then put all your weight on your legs and let go with their hands. (Trust me, this hurts SOOOOO bad)
2. Leg up partner sit ups. Lay down and hold another persons heels on each side of your head. lift your legs up and have another person push your legs down but have your legs not touch the ground. Sounds pretty easy. (SO NOT) Try 15 of these.After ten my legs feel like a horse just stepped on them.
✨...Sometimes you just need a little sparkle....✨
But in all it is super fun if you like to push yourself to your limits and farther. . And i SO do. So i have to go get ready.  Bye!!!!!😚😚


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